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Smelly Dirty Ebony Foot Fetish

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Living in Florida , I sure wear sandals a lot. The mix of sweat and southern dirt always leave me with gross, dirty, SIZE 7 feet when I get home. I get dirt in between my toes sometimes if i'm in the country area. Its more dirt then actual sidewalks. The bottoms get nice and caked up. Disgusting. At the end of the day I already know that there is a loser out there ready to clean them!

Hell even when they are not dirty I know you are feening to watch my soles wrinkle, toes separate and jerking off at the thought of what color I may paint them next. I know all about your little addiction. Go ahead, thank me.
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Ebony Foot Fetish
Black foot bitch
Sweaty Soles
Southern Dirty foot 1 - TOP SELLER
Southern Dirty Foot 2 - Top Seller
Southern Dirty foot 3
Sweaty Argyles - Top Seller

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A Tease.

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Here Piggie Piggie - Financial Domination Humiliation

This drunk fucker Piggie requests some cam time from me and I thought it would be the usual basic humiliation.  However my basic instincts kicked in and I wanted to play a game. He still had more alcohol and I was going to use that to get anything I wanted out of him. I decided to turn my number picker on, which choose a random number from 1-5. Whatever the number was, thats how many shots he was going to have to take. After each round of shots he did humilating tasks, like fucking himself in the ass with a pen, making pig noises, Tease and denial. and demanded tributes. $200 later I got bored and I hung up.

I tell him he can buy some vids to help him release.

no to long after he begs me to come back. He needed more of my live , hardcore humiliation, obviously. He was becoming addicted. The more I manipulated him to believing that his way of life was okay the more he became comfortable.

I called his phone to tell him I loved him.I wanted a gift card. He sent $100 right away. And as soon as the card was sent I told him I lied, and he was so gullible. I hung up in his face.

a few moments later and another tribute, I was back on cam and he was drinking his piss as I laughed at him. I made him pour it on the floor and lick it like the filthy fat pig that he is. Then I made him "wash" himself with the piss as he poured it over his head. I thought it was so funny when I made him caress it through his piggy hairs. A few moments later he was in a chasity device humping away at his pillow. He was never going to cum and he was starting to bore me again. I turned off my camera and decided i had enough of this loser for one night. This drunk lowlife sent me over $350 to degrade himself and have me laugh in his face.What is your dignity worth? Who the fuck is next! Make my week! Lets see who could top Piggy!

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